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It operates in three business segments: consumer electronics, which entails color televisions, monitors, printers, air conditioners, refrigerators, laundry machines and others; information. Essay Words 5 Pages. Company Overview Samsung Electronics Co.

Samsung Introduction

For more information, please visit www. The Digital Media Business is a leader in many areas of the global consumer electronics industry such as digital TVs, color monitors, next-generation DVD players, home theatre systems, notebook PCs, printers and portable entertainment devices. As testament to its industry leadership, Samsung has achieved No. The Semiconductor Business is also a pioneer in System LSI technology and a variety of core semiconductor components for mobile and digital consumer applications.

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The LCD Business has proven its leadership through continuous technology advancements. It was the first to develop a inch LCD panel in. Show More.

Samsung Electronics 2018 earnings soar to record high

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Popular Essays. By the way, Samsung mobile is too much realizing on software from other parties although Samsung is hardware conductor. To solve software problem, it might take a long time to solve it because it need to contact with the third party. In addition, the most serious disadvantage is the weak customer service may lead customer rush to competitor and the reputation rate will drop too. This will gain more customers unsatisfied and loyalty customers may lose then customer will rush to competitor.

At the same point, reputation of Samsung mobile will drop and lead customer stop to use their product then the sale will drop too. This case will increase the brand recognition and the sales rapidly growth because all people in this world will watch the London Olympic. Samsung mobile and Home appliance had planned to launch customized products to the Indian market such as some of the customers like performance than design looking.

Samsung Vision and Mission

So, they will launch different features and different prices mobiles. This plan can help to raising the market share in the pastoral market. In an additional point, Indian youth population rapidly growing and expected raising mobile phone sales as the result to lesser call rates. The latest products can help Samsung mobile to attract more differences of customer base and enlarge their market range. For example, Samsung Note 2 is the successful product because the screen size is big enough to surf internet, perfect watching movie experience and do multiple tasks at the screen at the same time.

India is a potential market that many foreign company starting to gain market share in India such as Haier. Besides that, China products become a threat because China products are produced in low cost and the price is cheaper than Samsung mobile. At the China, labour cost and hardware cost is very low, so can launch a cheaper price mobile. Samsung mobile has a wide variety of product lines. The failure of a product line will collide to other line and cause in brand dilution.

The strong competitor like Nokia Company focused on a part only become a threat because of Samsung Company produces many segments of products and Nokia can fully focus on one segment to launch a powerful mobile. A strong competitor can lead Samsung mobile reduce their profits because it can attract customer easily with unique products. In addition, HTC charger can fully charge faster than Samsung charge. Not only that, international competitor is hard to fight because they have many competitor advantages that can take over Samsung mobile.

In addition, the design and quality that competitor apply to their mobile is a powerful threat too because many customers will choose a better looking than better performance. Moreover, software have problem, they still need to wait other parties to solve it, therefore it will take long time to get done and this problem can affect their product image. To solve this problem, Samsung Company should have their own team, equipment and resource to create their own software or application.

After few year, they gain the experience on this, they able independent create their own software. If software has any problem they able solve it quickly without wait other parties to solve for them. On the other hand, they may cost much money to do research, analysis and create software for first few time.

The company also no need to share sales profit with other parties and purchase other resource for software, since the company have own team to create software. Samsung Company faces a problem which is high staff turnover rate. This happen is because their staffs are not satisfied about salary and team management conflict.

So, they prefer to change their job.

[Photo Essay] Celebrating Spring at Samsung’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Sites

This problem also can affect personal staff working efficient. Sometimes, they have conflict with their team member or management level and they not able to voice up their problem. My suggestion is Samsung Company should pay base on their working performance. If possible the company can reward their staffs who are high working efficient. So that, the company can decrease staff turnover rate and improve staff loyalty.

Staff will put more effort on their job.

Pestal Analysis for Samsung Electronics Essay Essay | Example For Free

If not, staff may leak out the company privacy information to show their unsatisfied and earn extra income at same time. The other suggestion, company should give their low level staff a chance to voice up their problem and be fair to everyone. Company can conduct some games activities or annual dinner to get better know what problem that their staff face and also reward their staff.

These suggestion on above can help to decrease the team management conflict and staffs satisfy. Samsung mobile launch different features in order to target every stage of customers but there are some features still can improve. Nowadays the Samsung Company is too focusing on take note and edits photo image features such as Galaxy Note. They should also focus on other features to meet customer other needs such as music features. That features allows user easy transfer song from computer or mobile device and easy do edit song. I believe that music features also is most customer needs because many people are love to hear music too, especially when they are boring.

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  7. They also can improve phone security features such as file locker. That allows user to locker their important message, note or image easily because third parties locker software is not user friendly and hard to understand how to use it. So, Samsung Company can add this feature into their phone product. In addition, they also can add more multitasking features, easily web surfing features and so on to meet most customer needs in one product.

    Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Having decided not to develop proprietary software and content, Samsung has avoided the complexities involved with protecting proprietary content from piracy. The picture is not completely rosy for Samsung Better Essays words 1. Introduction Samsung Electronics Co. The company's main growth driver engine is Smartphone business and Tablet, accounts The main concern of company is that it totally depends on Smartphone and Tablet business.

    This business is getting volatile and overcrowded Better Essays words 4. It is the world's largest technology company in terms of revenues, the largest mobile phone maker and television manufacturer and second largest semiconductor chip producer.

    If it currently occupies a prominent place on the world market, it does remains that Samsung continued to seek business opportunities and explore in all markets where the company will expand its empire Better Essays words 5.