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What particular aspects or special fields of social work interest you most? What contributions will you make to the school and to your fellow students? Why are you seeking professional education at this time?

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What are your career goals in social work for the five years following graduation? How do you expect your performance in graduate school to compare with your performance as an undergraduate student? Give reasons for any differences you may anticipate. Have you ever received low D's or failing grades, been on probation, or been dismissed from or denied readmission to any college? If so, explain. Be specific. A fully online graduate program can create unique challenges and opportunities for students. The main duty of a social worker is to take care of mentally or physically weak people and teach family members to support each other and develop harmonious relationships between each other.

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Social workers should help their wards understand that life is beautiful no matter what. Social workers have jobs in different sectors, i. In this way, one can ensure that people will get help in overcoming difficulties that may arise in any of the areas of life. When writing social worker essays, remember to mention that social workers hold positions in different enterprises, e. People often feel excluded from the society. In order to be able to clearly highlight such an issue in the social worker essays, students should understand what social exclusion is. It is a situation when specific resources are distributed unevenly among the members of the society.

Thus, some people have no possibility of using particular services to satisfy their needs. In such a situation people feel themselves hopeless, as they are enable to improve their health, get decent education or earn enough money to live a normal life. As a result, crime rates may increase. Here, where social workers should appear.

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They need to give miserable people complete support regardless of their race and nationality. To summarize, social work is an essential aspect of any society. The duties a social worker performs are different and often very complicated. When taking care of some people or providing support to families, social workers have to deal with very complex issues.

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In order to be able to handle any situation they may face with effectively, they need to possess good moral values. However, apart from having great personal qualities, social workers have to follow an officially established set of rules in order to do their job well. It even should be emphasized that strict adherence to official instructions social workers are provided with is a must.

Only in this case, they will be able to help the most unprotected people they deal with. In the process of social worker essays writing, many students make a similar mistake. They fail to present their argument and get straight to the point from the very first line of the paper. Documentation of completed prerequisite course work statistics, liberal arts, and behavioral sciences Letters of reference 3 required, 5 preferred. These letters are submitted electronically by the writer of the reference. Only test scores mailed directly from the testing agency are considered official Dates and Deadlines The Steve Hicks School of Social Work does not review applicant files until all materials have been received.

Fall or Summer Admission: For fall or summer admission, the priority deadline for submitting application materials to the Steve Hicks School of Social Work is November 15, and the final deadline is January Any applications remaining incomplete after the final deadline of January 15 will be at risk of not being reviewed for admission. The Admission Committee begins the review of applications at that time and continues until the incoming class is full.

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For this reason, early application is encouraged. The school is not obligated to review applicant files that are not complete by the final deadline. Programs that offer fall admission are 2-year, 3-year, and 3. Summer admission is for the 1-year post BSW option only.

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Due to an anticipated increase in the number of applications, it is recommended that all applications be completed by the final deadline of October 1.